[PATCH] S/390 port modernization 1/4

Jim Blandy jimb@redhat.com
Fri Dec 5 04:29:00 GMT 2003

Ulrich Weigand <weigand@i1.informatik.uni-erlangen.de> writes:

> Jim Blandy wrote:
> > Would it be possible to have s390-nat.c simply use the structures from
> > s390-tdep.c?  There's nothing wrong with having an s390-tdep.h file in
> > the gdb directory; that's the usual arrangement for native systems.
> As these offsets are core kernel ABI that will never change, I hadn't
> thought it necessary to avoid this duplication -- in particular as
> one of my goals was to disentangle the various components as much as
> possible ...
> But if you prefer a s390-tdep.h file, I can certainly do that.

I see.  It's my feeling that -nat.c files are always, in some sense,
dependent on -tdep.c files anyway (although the reverse is not true).
And it seems to me that using exactly the same table in both places
does clarify the intent.  

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