[PATCH] Handle DW_TAG_subrange_type

Joel Brobecker brobecker@gnat.com
Thu Dec 4 17:49:00 GMT 2003

> Can you post an example of the debug info you see for Ada in this
> case, just for the record?

In addition to the example posted by Andreas, here is the code in GCC
that generates these subrange types:

    static dw_die_ref
    subrange_type_die (tree type)
      dw_die_ref subtype_die;
      dw_die_ref subrange_die;
      tree name = TYPE_NAME (type);
      subtype_die = base_type_die (TREE_TYPE (type));
      if (TREE_CODE (name) == TYPE_DECL)
        name = DECL_NAME (name);
      subrange_die = new_die (DW_TAG_subrange_type, comp_unit_die, type);
      add_name_attribute (subrange_die, IDENTIFIER_POINTER (name));
      if (TYPE_MIN_VALUE (type) != NULL)
        add_bound_info (subrange_die, DW_AT_lower_bound,
                        TYPE_MIN_VALUE (type));
      if (TYPE_MAX_VALUE (type) != NULL)
        add_bound_info (subrange_die, DW_AT_upper_bound,
                        TYPE_MAX_VALUE (type));
      add_AT_die_ref (subrange_die, DW_AT_type, subtype_die);
      return subrange_die;

So the only information we are stuffing in these types are the name,
the bounds, and a reference to the parent type.


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