[RFC]: pending break support

Eli Zaretskii eliz@elta.co.il
Thu Dec 4 08:30:00 GMT 2003

> Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2003 14:46:49 -0500
> From: "J. Johnston" <jjohnstn@redhat.com>
> How about the following updated patch?  I tied together why I was talking about
> the various operations on pending breakpoints which makes the grouping of the
> information make more sense.

Okay.  I'm down to nit-picking now:

> +If a specified breakpoint location cannot be found, you will be prompted
> +as to whether you want to make the breakpoint pending on a future shared

I'd replace "you will be prompted" with "@value{GDBN} will prompt
you".  Native English speakers keep telling me that using passive
forms is BAD.

> +Normal breakpoint operations apply to pending breakpoints as well.  You may 
> +specify, a condition for a pending breakpoint, commands to run when the 
The comma I marked should not be there, I think.

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