[PATCH]: Make Linux use the new unified x86 watchpoint support

Mark Kettenis kettenis@wins.uva.nl
Wed Mar 28 02:03:00 GMT 2001

   Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 11:58:34 -0800
   From: Michael Snyder <msnyder@cygnus.com>

   > As far as I understood, GDB's regcache cannot do such magic.  It
   > assumes that all the registers are per thread, so if you change them
   > in one thread, the other threads' registers remain unchanged in the
   > cache.

   Currently there is only one cache (not one per thread).
   When you change threads, the cache is flushed.  However, 
   there are plans for a per-thread cache, so your concern
   is not ill-placed.

Hmm, I doubt that a per-thread cache is feasable.  As soon as a single
thread is running, it might be changing another thread's registers
even if that thread isn't running.  I know for a fact that this can
happen on the Hurd.  And I suspect that many-to-many threads
implementations do similar things.


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