[PATCH]: Make Linux use the new unified x86 watchpoint support

Eli Zaretskii eliz@delorie.com
Tue Mar 27 09:43:00 GMT 2001

> Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 08:47:16 -0800
> From: Michael Snyder <msnyder@redhat.com>
> The gdb was configured for native linux, but until this change, 
> it was also able to be used to debug a remote embedded i386
> target.  This change breaks that, because it makes ptrace calls.

How does GDB know if the target is local or remote?  Can the Linux
implementation of I386_DR_LOW_* macros test that and avoid calling
ptrace in that case?

Also, since I see that the Linux port of GDB was linking in
i386v-nat.c, and i386v-nat.c defined those same watchpoint-related
functions which called ptrace, and did that unconditionally, how did
that work before the last changes?

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