[PATCH]: Make Linux use the new unified x86 watchpoint support

Eli Zaretskii eliz@is.elta.co.il
Tue Mar 27 02:20:00 GMT 2001

On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, Mark Kettenis wrote:

> Except that the implementation of hardware breakpoints/watchpoints in 
> core GDB is really shoddy.

True.  It clearly shows that it was originally written for a very special 
platform (Sparclet, I think) and was designed accordingly.  Certain 
aspects of how breakpoint.c handles watchpoints cannot be understood 
without having this in mind.  For example, why on Earth are 
software watchpoints and hardware watchpoints handled differently from 
read and access watchpoints? why are hardware breakpoints treated like 
normal breakpoints instead of being akin to watchpoints? etc., etc.

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