[rfc/mi] ui_list_* to ui_*

Fernando Nasser fnasser@redhat.com
Sat Mar 24 05:51:00 GMT 2001


My only concerns are with code documentation (see below).  

P.S.: Eli mentioned the manual.  I remember that we wrote a document
describing the ui_out calls and I thought it was texi-ized already...

Andrew Cagney wrote:
>         (struct ui_out): Replace ``list_flag'' and ``field_count'' with
>         ``level'' and ``levels''.

These names "thing" and "things" are sort of confusing.  Isn't there a
better way to describe these?

> + /* Level categories. */
> + enum ui_out_type
> +   {
> +     UI_OUT_TUPPLE,
> +     UI_OUT_LIST
> +   };
> +

I guess some comments defining what is a UI_OUT_TUPPLE (and even a
UI_OUT_LIST) are in order here.

Some comments before the top/pop_level stuff and struct ui_out_level
would not hurt as well.  It is always good to describe these objects. 
Think of it as a class description. 


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