[PATCH] ia64-tdep.c: Only warn about slot numbers > 2

Andrew Cagney ac131313@cygnus.com
Thu Mar 22 18:09:00 GMT 2001

Kevin Buettner wrote:

> What is the difference between warning() and internal_warning() aside
> from the fact that the filename and line number are printed for the
> latter?  I.e, is there some way the user can tell GDB to shut up
> about internal warnings?

An internal error is where GDB has discovered that it is about to shot
its self.
An internal warning is where GDB finds out that the shot missed, well
almost, it hit its foot.

Normal errors() and warnings() are for situtations that are external to
GDB - bad object file, messed up address from the target, invalid user
command, ....

> I think something like this would need to be shut off for ordinary
> users.  But GDB developers should be forced to run GDB with this
> turned on.  It might be just enough of a thorn to persuade us to
> abandon deprecated functions in relatively short order.  (Which I
> assume was the intent of this now-not-so-secret plan?)

Just FYI,

We're already doing this for commands.  GDB reports back:

  (gdb) show architecture
  The target architecture is assumed to be i386
  (gdb) info architecture
  Warning: command 'info architecture' is deprecated.
  Use 'set architecture'.

  Available architectures are:
  Segmentation fault (core dumped)

(er, oops, drats PRMS relies on cookies :-( :-)

I'm not sure what the mechanism should be however GDB does need to start
alerting users (not GDB developers) that the target they are using
depends on deprecated features and, consequently, the target likely be
obsoleted in the next release of GDB.


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