Tracepoints documentation

Elena Zannoni
Thu Mar 22 06:52:00 GMT 2001

Eli Zaretskii writes:
 > On Wed, 21 Mar 2001, Elena Zannoni wrote:
 > > I retireved from my dusty mailbox some tracepoint documentation that
 > > was written some time back (when the tracepoints were originally
 > > implemented) (1998, that is).  I reformatted it from a .doc file. This
 > > should be suitable for inclusion in the gdb user's manual.
 > Thanks!
 > > The texinfo/info formatting is not very well done. I'll leave that to
 > > you. :-)
 > Will do.
 > > Hope it is useful. Unfortunately there isn't a remote target that
 > > supports tracepoints at the moment, so we cannot verify that all works
 > > as claimed.
 > Understood.
 > I still have one aspect of tracepoints that I couldn't figure out, 
 > though.  The original paper about tracepoints (presented by Jim and 
 > Michael during some conference, I think) mentions a program called 
 > ``Introspect'' which serves as the remote agent for tracepoints.  Is
 > it indeed needed, and if so, where is its source?

Introspect is the name that was given to the technology.
As far as the remote stub, yes, there isn't one available at the
moment.  The remote agent/stub is needed to perform the actual collection
of data from the target while it is running. So, without that
tracepoints are not going to work.

The stub used the agent expression mechanism, which is documented
in agentexpr.texi.


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