Tracepoints documentation

Eli Zaretskii
Thu Mar 22 00:03:00 GMT 2001

On Wed, 21 Mar 2001, Elena Zannoni wrote:

> I retireved from my dusty mailbox some tracepoint documentation that
> was written some time back (when the tracepoints were originally
> implemented) (1998, that is).  I reformatted it from a .doc file. This
> should be suitable for inclusion in the gdb user's manual.


> The texinfo/info formatting is not very well done. I'll leave that to
> you. :-)

Will do.

> Hope it is useful. Unfortunately there isn't a remote target that
> supports tracepoints at the moment, so we cannot verify that all works
> as claimed.


I still have one aspect of tracepoints that I couldn't figure out, 
though.  The original paper about tracepoints (presented by Jim and 
Michael during some conference, I think) mentions a program called 
``Introspect'' which serves as the remote agent for tracepoints.  Is
it indeed needed, and if so, where is its source?

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