[maint] Doco known TUI todo items

Stephane Carrez Stephane.Carrez@worldnet.fr
Mon Mar 19 14:39:00 GMT 2001


Andrew Cagney a écrit :
> 2001-03-19  Andrew Cagney  <ac131313@redhat.com>
>         * TODO: List known problems with TUI.

Yes... there are a lot.

I was interested to have some curses-based debugger for 68hc11, so I hacked
a little in tui, and soon reached all those pb. I solved all compile&link
problems and some crashes. I can see the sources in the TUI curses window,
and stepping updates the source window.

The problem I'm now having is that the interaction between readline I/O
and curses is not clear.  It results in wrong output emitted by readline
(due to curses, the tty is turned in nocr mode).

I can send some patches if you want.


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