Any pending patches?

Stephane Carrez
Fri Mar 16 12:05:00 GMT 2001


Andrew you can remove several entries in your list:

> patches.sbd/stalled.sbd/sim: RFA: Fix memory leak in sim_parse_args

This patch is integrated. Approved by Frank Ch. Eigler in november.

> patches.sbd/stalled.sbd/sim: [Patch 3/7]: 68HC11 port of gdb (sim-16bit support)
> patches.sbd/stalled.sbd/sim: [Patch 5/7]: 68HC11 port of gdb (sim-overlap address maps)

You can remove these two. The first one was integrated and the second one

> patches.sbd/stalled.sbd/sim: [RFA]: Fix delete_hw_event_data() to free the scheduled events
> patches.sbd/stalled.sbd/sim: [RFA]: Fix for sim/common hw_delete()/hw_tree_delete()
> patches.sbd/stalled.sbd/sim: [RFA]: Remove space == 0 restriction in the simulator (dv-core)

These 3 patches are integrated. Also approved by Frank.

Hope this helps cleaning up your list (or create holes for new entries :-)


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