[PATCH RFA] uw-thread.c to_xfer_memory() patches

Andrew Cagney ac131313@cygnus.com
Thu Mar 15 09:13:00 GMT 2001

Kevin Buettner wrote:
> The patches below are needed to make GDB build again on a Unixware 7
> box.
> Unfortunately, GDB still doesn't work even with these patches in
> place, but that is another problem...  it's in solib-svr4.c; I posted
> a patch for the solib problem a while back, but it met with some
> resistance.  I'll take another look at the problem and try to come up
> with a better solution.
> Anyway, I think I need one of the Unixware maintainers (either Nick or
> Robert) to approve this patch.  (Though I suppose I could check it in
> under the "obvious fix" rule.)
> Okay to commit?
>         * uw-thread.c (read_thr_debug, read_map, read_lwp, thread_iter)
>         (libthread_stub, libthread_init): Pass NULL for the mem_attrib
>         argument in the to_xfer_memory calls.

It has been declared an obvious fix :-)
However, watch out for my just committed change to add add ``attrib'' to
what are hopefully the last remaining xfer_memory() functions (and
watch, also, that I got it right :-).


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