[PATCH RFC] solib-svr4 cleanups

Michael Snyder msnyder@cygnus.com
Mon Mar 12 17:02:00 GMT 2001

Kevin Buettner wrote:
> On Mar 12,  3:28pm, Michael Snyder wrote:
> > > The _SYSCALL32 define was only needed for the (legacy) link_map stuff.
> > > It has been moved to solib-legacy.c.
> >
> > OK, good.  Sorry I haven't been following the discussion with full
> > attention.  You've tested the new method on sparc64 solaris, then?
> I think so.  I tried to verify it just now, but unfortunately
> I'm unable to login to the machine that I did my testing on.
> In any event, I ran into problems when I *didn't* have _SYSCALL32
> defined in solib-legacy.h.  When I moved the define from solib-svr4.c
> to solib-legacy.c, things worked fine.

OK, I'm happy.

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