compiler error in uw-thread.c

J.T. Conklin
Wed Mar 7 15:42:00 GMT 2001

>>>>> "Keith" == Keith Seitz <> writes:
>> I am trying to compile the Insight product on a Unixware 2.1 machine with
>> tcl/tk 8.2.3 installed.  When the make gets to gdb/uw-thread.c I get a
>> compiler error, "Too few args" on line 326 (there are other references to
>> the file also) in a reference to to_xfer_memory.  In target.h there are
>> currently 6 args defined, the 5th was apparently recently added, struct
>> mem-attrib * attrib.  In references in uw-thread.c there are only 5 args.  I
>> have looked around the bug lists and change files and only saw info on the
>> changes in thread.h.  I wasn't able to find a fix for correcting
>> uw-thread.c.  Where can I look to find out what to do?

Keith> I think I saw people passing NULL for this argument when no other 
Keith> recourse seemed logical. I've cc'd the patches list: someone there 
Keith> should know the really correct thing to do.

Yes, for the mean time add NULL.  I'll check to see if there is anything
better that can be done.


J.T. Conklin
RedBack Networks

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