compiler error in uw-thread.c

Keith Seitz
Wed Mar 7 14:54:00 GMT 2001

On Wed, 7 Mar 2001, Kump Chorian, Deanna wrote:

> I am trying to compile the Insight product on a Unixware 2.1 machine with
> tcl/tk 8.2.3 installed.  When the make gets to gdb/uw-thread.c I get a
> compiler error, "Too few args" on line 326 (there are other references to
> the file also) in a reference to to_xfer_memory.  In target.h there are
> currently 6 args defined, the 5th was apparently recently added, struct
> mem-attrib * attrib.  In references in uw-thread.c there are only 5 args.  I
> have looked around the bug lists and change files and only saw info on the
> changes in thread.h.  I wasn't able to find a fix for correcting
> uw-thread.c.  Where can I look to find out what to do?

I think I saw people passing NULL for this argument when no other 
recourse seemed logical. I've cc'd the patches list: someone there 
should know the really correct thing to do.


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