[RFA] "maint print psymbols" with large section tables

Michael Elizabeth Chastain chastain@cygnus.com
Thu Mar 1 12:44:00 GMT 2001

Eli Zaretskii writes:
> It doesn't have the zeo entries.

That's true.  I don't think it needs the zero entries, because all
the non-zero entries have index numbers.

My use case is:

  Sun Ultrasparc 60
  Solaris 2.6 native
  target program with 945 sections (namely, gdb itself)
  gdb built with SECT_OFF_MAX=1024, MAX_SECTIONS=1024
  (gdb) break main
  (gdb) run
  (gdb) maint print psymbols xx.psym

"maint print psymbols" takes 23 seconds to execute and produces a 7.1
megabyte output file.  74% of that output file is the zero entries in
section offset tables.

On a slower machine (400 MHz Intel PII) with bigger section tables (2048
lines), "maint print psymbols" takes so long to run that gdb.base/maint.exp
times out and fails.

> I'm not opposed to the change in the format of the output.  My
> reservations were only about omitting part of the symbol entries.

You mean section table entries -- I'm not touching symbols at all.


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