New gdb 31 & 64 bit patches for S/390
Thu Mar 1 07:53:00 GMT 2001

Hi Nick,

our current process which has been agreed by the FSF and IBM is to
continuously sign
one-time assignments. There is a special one-time assignment form which has
been signed
by IBM for gcc, glibc, gdb and binutils contributions.
This form includes a software letter for the specific code donations
(including md5sum, date, etc.).

Whenever an update of the software letter is necessary (e.g. due to larger
changes in the code)
we will set up a new software letter, sign it & send it to the FSF.

Currently, there are discussions going on how to come to an agreement for a
future assignment.
However such legal topics always take their time...

So please let me know if you are going to accept these patches (i.e.
technically) and if you need a new
software letter for them. I will then set up the paperwork and help to get
it signed quickly.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards
Christoph Arenz

GNU/Linux Architecture and Performance
Schoenaicher Str. 220, 71032 Boeblingen
Phone:     ext. +49-(0)7031/16-2544, int. *120-2544
Fax:                  +49-(0)7031/16-3456

Denis Joseph Barrow
01.03.2001 11:50

To:   Nick Clifton <>, Christoph Arenz/Germany/IBM@IBMDE
From: Denis Joseph Barrow/Germany/Contr/IBM@IBMDE
Subject:  Re: New gdb 31 & 64 bit patches for S/390  (Document link:
      Christoph Arenz)

Hi Nick,
The name is Denis, Yup the patches are I've sent in are all
contributed/written by me on behalf of IBM, IBM has already sent in the
copyright assignment
for the binutils the patch to the binutils is only one line in a configure
file likewise for readline. Owing to difficulties of not yet securing a
future assignment
form for gdb from the legal clearance guys.
Christoph Arenz needs to know the patches are accepted before we send in
assignment forms rather than replicate work needlessly for him.
We promise it will be in as soon as possible ( we could fax a copy the day
it is signed & post it afterwards ).

D.J. Barrow Gnu/Linux for S/390 kernel developer
Phone: +49-(0)7031-16-2583
IBM Germany Lab, Schönaicherstr. 220, 71032 Böblingen

Nick Clifton <> on 01.03.2001 01:12:56

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Subject:  Re: New gdb 31 & 64 bit patches for S/390

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