Patch to build gdb-5.0 with readline-4.1

Andrew Cagney
Mon May 29 16:20:00 GMT 2000

Michael Snyder wrote:

> Well, we went thru the same struggle the last time we merged
> with readline.  Maybe it would save trouble if we just renamed
> our version of savestring (which I believe is unrelated to the
> readline version) to gdb_savestring.  Then we could forget
> about it, and future readline merges might be less troublesome.

Well, part of my todo list is to get savestring() replaced by something
in libiberty. (like liberty:xstrdup() is slowly replaceing strsave()). 
There is (a slightly irksum) xmemdup() available, perhaphs there could
be xstrldup() (and so I start a flame war about string duplicate
function interfaces :-).

However, if the new readline really doesn't use savestring() a more
direct solution would be to just remove #define savestring() from the
readline header - assuming it can get be pushed back into readline 4.1.


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