Patch to build gdb-5.0 with readline-4.1

Andrew Cagney
Sun May 28 17:10:00 GMT 2000

Andrew Gaylard wrote:
> Hi,
> I noticed that one of the 'TODO' items was
> "Readline 4.? is out.  A merge wouldn't hurt."
> So I've done exactly that (hopefully no-one else
> has done this already).  Note that I have updated
> the ChangeLog files, which may not be the "right
> thing".  If so,  please accept my apologies, but
> this is the first patch I have ever put together...
> for anyone.

It's pretty good!  (Just try to remember to separate out the ChangeLog
entries from the rest of the patch - changelog patches are like a
walking time bomb they sneek in to the ChangeLog file where you least
want it :-)

It might take a little time to integrate though - people need to dust
off their old notes and go backthrough and cross off the random readline
tweeks that were needed.  Hi Elena!

How did the testsuite go?


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