PARAMS removal this weekend

Andrew Cagney
Wed May 24 19:15:00 GMT 2000

Kevin Buettner wrote:

> So at 5:00 pm MST of Saturday, May 27 (which is midnight GMT on Sunday),
> I'll tag the repository, do the PARAMS removal on the gdb directory,
> and tag it again.  I will use gdb-pre-params-removal-2000-05-28 and
> gdb-post-params-removal-2000-05-28 for the tags.  (I'm not sure how
> long it will take to do all of this, but I wouldn't be surprised if
> it were a couple of hours.)

Sounds like then it is.

> Rather than relying on the patch posted earlier this week, I'll be
> using a script to do the actual PARAMS removal.  The script and some
> additional commentary may be found at


BTW, the best way for people to avoid being hurt by this is to mount a
pre-emptive strike - eliminate PARAMS from your code before Kevin comes
through on the script on the weekend.


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