Correction of complex number display for fortran program

David Taylor
Wed May 24 07:41:00 GMT 2000

FYI -- this has been committed.


p.s. all email that I send to Gregory Lielens bounces.

    Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 11:42:04 -0400
    From: David Taylor <>

	Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 13:41:55 +0200
	From: Gregory Lielens <>

	I 've just dowloaded GDB 5.0 and use it to debug a fortran subroutine.
	I've noted that value of complex variables or arrays are incorrectly
	outputed by the print command, and also within the DDD frontend.
	When inspecting a complex variable V, the value printed is
	(Real(V),Real(V)) instead of (Real(V),Imag(V)). This behavior was
	already present in the previous version of gdb, but this time I think
	I've corrected it and send you the (very) small patch - one line to

	I'll try to follow the guidelines for this, but it's the first time I
	contribute and English is not my native language, so don't expect too

    You did great.  Thanks.

	Here is the Changelog

	Tue May 23 13:20:00 1999  Gregory Lielens  <>

		* f-valprint.c : Corrected f_val_print function for TYPE_CODE

	and the diff

	 diff -up f-valprint.c.old f-valprint.c
	--- f-valprint.c.old    Tue May 23 13:34:51 2000
	+++ f-valprint.c        Tue May 23 13:34:25 2000
	@@ -564,7 +564,7 @@ f_val_print (type, valaddr, embedded_off
	       fputs_filtered ("(", stream);
	       print_floating (valaddr, type, stream);
	       fputs_filtered (",", stream);
	-      print_floating (valaddr, type, stream);
	+      print_floating (valaddr+TYPE_LENGTH(type), type, stream);
	       fputs_filtered (")", stream);

	Hope this help, and congratulation for the 5.0 release: it seems at lot
	more stable when interacting whith DDD



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