GDB 5.0 won't build on GNU/Linux/sparc

Michael Snyder
Tue May 23 07:41:00 GMT 2000

Mark Kettenis wrote:
>    Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 19:24:15 -0700
>    From: Michael Snyder <>
>    Well... you're right that their being in sparc-tdep.c is questionable,
>    but I'm not sure they fit any better in sparc-nat.c, unles that file
>    is renamed to sparc-solaris-nat.c.  These functions are specific to
>    /proc, which is (one reason) why they would not build on Linux.
> Well, /proc may indeed be their origin, but some ELF systems that
> don't have the SVR4 /proc provide some of the infrastructure that
> makes supply_gregset() and fill_gregset() usefull too.  Take for
> example Linux/i386 and my upcoming FreeBSD/i386.  Now if the gregset_t
> and fpregset_t on Linux/Sparc don't differ too much from Solaris, it
> may be beneficial too let them share the code.


I noticed that supply_gregset makes some unspoken assumptions 
about the internal layout of a gregset_t.  I was thinking of
cleaning that up, but if it was only for Solaris (where the
assumptions are true) it didn't seem worthwhile.

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