[rfa/tui] Convert TUI to MI Makefile configury

Mark Kettenis kettenis@wins.uva.nl
Mon May 15 06:17:00 GMT 2000

   Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 21:00:24 +1000
   From: Andrew Cagney <ac131313@cygnus.com>


   The attatched patch switches the gdb/tui directory to the MI style


Hmm, is moving everything into the GDB Makefile really the right
approach?  Probably doesn't matter.  If we automakify GDB we'll have
to redo most of it anyway.

However, the following comment is a bit curiuous since it mentions "mi":

   + #
   + # TUI dependencies
   + #
   + # Need to explicitly specify the compile rule as make will do nothing
   + # or try to compile the object file into the mi directory.
   + tui.o: $(srcdir)/tui/tui.c \
   + 		$(srcdir)/tui/tui.h $(srcdir)/tui/tuiData.h \
   + 		$(srcdir)/tui/tuiLayout.h $(srcdir)/tui/tuiIO.h \
   + 		$(srcdir)/tui/tuiRegs.h $(srcdir)/tui/tuiWin.h
   + 	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_WARN_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/tui/tui.c


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