gdb-4.95.1.tar.bz2 created

Andrew Cagney
Thu May 11 16:42:00 GMT 2000

Mark Kettenis wrote:
>    Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 20:31:22 +1000
>    From: Andrew Cagney <>
>    FYI,
>    I've created another attempt at the final.  At this stage I believe that
>    the only problem is with ``credits'' in the gdb/doc directory.
> Assuming these pre-releases are targeted at a somewhat larger
> audience, it looks like we're somehow failing to reach this larger
> audience.  I have seen no reaction related to the 4.95.0 tarball.  Of
> course this could mean that it really has no problems, but I sincerely
> doubt that.

FYI, they are targeted at people that want to check that I've bundled up
the final distribution correctly.  At this point the audience is likely
to be very small - Eli for DOS, CGF for cygwin and me for random
platform of the day.

If others come along and down load it then thats a bonus.  For wider
distribution, I'd rather push out 5.0 and use that as the leverage
(groan) for promoting CVS and 5.1/5.0.1.

Most people interested in GDB just check out a copy from CVS.

Well, at least that is the theory, :-)


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