gdb-4.95.1.tar.bz2 created

H . J . Lu
Thu May 11 09:12:00 GMT 2000

On Thu, May 11, 2000 at 05:43:23PM +0200, Mark Kettenis wrote:
>    I haven't looked at the gdb snapshots for a while. I hope it is
>    better than the last time when I looked at. I am afraid I don't have
>    much time for gdb for the time being.
> I'm not sure when was the last time that you looked at it.  Probably a

March 7 was my last gdb build.

> few critical bugs have been fixed since then.  Some of the less
> critical bugs and more invasive changes have been put off till 5.1
> (but most of these are already present on the main branch).  I'm
> mostly happy with the current state, but then I'm mostly using GDB to
> debug GDB itself (on Linux and the Hurd) or debugging the Hurd.
> That's why I think it would be useful to get more people involved in
> testing GDB.  But I'm not asking you to do that, at least not you alone.
>    BTW, I assume you are aware that there is a gdb patch to support
>    loading normal .a and .o files like .so files. It is needed for
>    debugging the object loader in XFree86 4.0.
> No I'm not.  This probably illustrates the problem I'm talking about.
> Many people in the Linux community think that *the* GDB for Linux is
> the one you maintain(ed).  They send their bug reports and patches to
> you, not to one of the gdb mailing lists.  Therefore I think it would
> be a good idea if we could send these people a message stating the
> state of affairs (opened up GDB develpment, live CVS repository,
> snapshot, soon to be released GDB 5.0) and encourage them to test the
> pre-realeses and send comments and patches to the GDB mailing lists.
> It would also be a great help if you could forward GDB-related mail
> you receive, to the GDB mailing lists.

I knew about the patch because I am on the XFree86 developer mailing 

> Concerning the XFree86 loader support: Where can we find the patches,
> and how can we find the author's?


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