[PATCH]: Make fp0_regnum a multi-arch variable.

Andrew Cagney ac131313@cygnus.com
Wed May 10 16:29:00 GMT 2000

Scott Bambrough wrote:
> msnyder@cygnus.com wrote:
> > The macro FP0_REGNUM is used widely as a test of whether the target
> > architecture has an FPU.  This has to be a runtime test for multi-arch.
> Actually it would be better to define an architechure specific test for an FPU.
> On ARM Linux, it is possible for systems to have no FPA11 floating point unit,
> one of two FPA11 floating point emulators, or a real FPA11 FPU in the case of
> the 7500FE.  ARM Linux can run on all three cases.  The ARM 10 core introduces a
> new vector floating point unit which someone is sure to port ARM Linux to.
> My two cents worth.

You're correct. Replacing a test for FP0_REGNUM >= 0 with a general test
will be better in the longer term.

Its a question of balancing such a cleanup / design change against the
more mechanical process of doing a straight conversion of a target macro
to multi-arch.  By keeping the scope of multi-arching narrow (convert
don't re-design) it is thought that the process can be kept simple
(hence faster and more reliable) leading to a quicker completion of that

Cleanups/fixes like you suggest can be pursued in parallel as separate
independent tasks.


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