[PATCH]: Make fp0_regnum a multi-arch variable.

Scott Bambrough scottb@netwinder.org
Wed May 10 07:58:00 GMT 2000

msnyder@cygnus.com wrote:
> The macro FP0_REGNUM is used widely as a test of whether the target
> architecture has an FPU.  This has to be a runtime test for multi-arch.

Actually it would be better to define an architechure specific test for an FPU. 
On ARM Linux, it is possible for systems to have no FPA11 floating point unit,
one of two FPA11 floating point emulators, or a real FPA11 FPU in the case of
the 7500FE.  ARM Linux can run on all three cases.  The ARM 10 core introduces a
new vector floating point unit which someone is sure to port ARM Linux to.

My two cents worth.


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