Fernando Nasser
Mon May 8 11:47:00 GMT 2000

Brian Youmans wrote:
> Are people agreed that it is reasonable to add Stan Shebs as an
> author?  (Stan being conveniently on vacation, he won't see this until
> he gets back.)  He seems to have been the chief person that I have
> been dealing with about the manual for the past several years.
> Has he been chiefly responsible for the recent additions to the manual,
> such as the gdb/mi chapter?
Yes, Stan has maintained it for several years, so my personal opinion is
that he deserves the credit.

The gdb/mi chapter was written by the authors of that interface 
(Andrew, Elena and myself).  I guess we are some of the "and others" :-)

There are other "and others" authored chapters as well, being 13, 14 and 18
the ones that come to my mind now.

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