Brian Youmans
Mon May 8 11:10:00 GMT 2000

I'm afraid that crediting individual chapters would just create more
work and disputes.  Certainly going back right now and determining who wrote
what chapter sounds like work to me.  If I had to figure all that out,
I'd demand an authorship listing myself! (just joking)

I will ask RMS about the legality/propriety of the "et al" addition or
how otherwise to recognize lesser contributions.

Are people agreed that it is reasonable to add Stan Shebs as an
author?  (Stan being conveniently on vacation, he won't see this until
he gets back.)  He seems to have been the chief person that I have
been dealing with about the manual for the past several years.
Has he been chiefly responsible for the recent additions to the manual,
such as the gdb/mi chapter?

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