GDB needs a --cmdline option

Fernando Nasser
Mon May 8 10:39:00 GMT 2000

Michael Meissner wrote:
> Just as a note, when I was at DG many years ago, the debugger group there added
> a feature where a program could invoke the debugger as a child whenever it
> wanted to be debugged (usually in the case for long live processes, especially
> daemons).  I recall some people adding such a call to AOS/VS's equivalent of a
> signal handler, so you could just hit ^C to start up the debugger.

If you modify abort() do that it will try to activate the debugger if a certain
environment variable is set we could work like MS stuff (if the idea of mimicking
MS offends you, just remember they probably copied it from someone else, it may
have even been from some Unix variant).

This would only make sense for foreground jobs though.  Daemons are probably restricted
to core files (which is not that bad -- with the right log facility and a core file one
has a great chance to reproduce the problem on a subsequent debugger controlled run).

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