Fernando Nasser
Mon May 8 09:33:00 GMT 2000

Brian Youmans wrote:
> RMS's opinion was that it was better to give authorship credits to
> individuals rather than to the businesses they work for.  So perhaps
> we should rather go to something like "Richard Stallman,
> Roland Pesch, and Stan Shebs".  The general idea is that the
> principal authors should get authorship credit, while everyone
> else gets thanks, more or less effusive, inside.
Sorry if I mislead you.  John Gilmore and Stan Shebs appear as authors
of the "Gdb Intelnals" manual, not the "Debugging with Gdb".
I believe Stan may have contributed a lot to the manual (as many others),
but his name was never in there.

Following RMS's idea, we could keep the authors and have "Chapter" authors,
as they do in books.  This way the idea of giving proper credit to individuals
is acomplished. This would not apply to minor changes or additions, which are to
be treated as we treat code contributions.  They go into the general
acknowledgement section.

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