Brian Youmans
Mon May 8 08:44:00 GMT 2000

Actually, if you compare (as I just did) a 1993 version of the
manual for GDB 4.9 with the latest version 5 manual, there are
large sections which are virtually unchanged.  Maybe it is high
time they got rewritten, but they haven't been.  Pesch said that
the last time he looked, there was still a lot of his work in
the manual.

RMS's opinion was that it was better to give authorship credits to
individuals rather than to the businesses they work for.  So perhaps
we should rather go to something like "Richard Stallman,
Roland Pesch, and Stan Shebs".  The general idea is that the
principal authors should get authorship credit, while everyone
else gets thanks, more or less effusive, inside.

Would this offend anyone's sensibilities?

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