Fernando Nasser
Mon May 8 07:25:00 GMT 2000

There is very little code from these people left in this
manual, if any.  The authorship should reflect that or
eventual contributors my shy away.

On the Internals manual, at some point, it read:

First edition:
Some name
Second Edition:
Stan Shebs

I would like to see it free of names completely.
Free Software Foundation and Cygnus Solutions (a RedHat company)
would be a nice solution.

I guess we need a lawyer...


Brian Youmans wrote:
> I contacted Roland Pesch; contrary to what I remember
> being told, he said that he would like to remain an author
> on the Debugging with GDB manaul, although he requested that
> his email address be removed from it at some point in the
> past.
> I haven't read ahead in my mail to see if there has been
> more discussion of this, but what about this for authors:
> "Richard Stallman, Roland Pesch, and Cygnus Solutions"?
> Or would "Red Hat" be more correct?  Or does someone else
> deserve specific authorship credit?
> - Brian Youmans, FSF

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