GDB 2000-04-27 / gdb-4.95.0.tar.bz2

Eli Zaretskii
Mon May 8 00:20:00 GMT 2000

> Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 12:40:17 +1000
> From: Andrew Cagney <>
> I've taken the head of the GDB-5.0 branch and wrapped it up into the
> archive gdb-4.95.0.tar.bz2.

Sorry for the long delay in testing this (it's not easy for me to
fetch a 10MB archive to my development machine ;-).

This pretest doesn't build with DJGPP without hacking.  The problem is
that the file fnchange.lst still has the "gdb-0222" prefix with each
file name, while djunpack.bat was written under the assumption that
this prefix will be removed.

I will commit changes to fix that.

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