GDB manual - advice needed

Andrew Cagney
Thu May 4 19:23:00 GMT 2000

Brian Youmans wrote:
> Looking at the manual from the May 4 distribution,
>  a couple of sections look very rough.  The chapter
> on Specifying a Debugging Target, Chapter 13, has a table at
> the end of it that is very rough - it comes out with comments
> by Stan and "JTC" and FIXMEs in it.  And the whole chapter on
> the gdb/mi interface is a bit sketchy.
> I could print the manual as is, but I guess what I would like
> to know is whether any improvements in those sections are
> likely before GDB 5 comes out.  If not, I'll just print it
> as is.

I don't expect either of those to be addressed as part of 5.0.

> - Brian Youmans, FSF publisher
> PS  I will try to do some proofreading on the gdb/mi chapter.


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