Gould configuration removed

Stan Shebs shebs@apple.com
Mon May 1 16:25:00 GMT 2000

Chris Faylor wrote:
> Hmm.  My main rembrances of the Gould were the requirements for sound
> deadening ear phones if you were within twenty feet of it.  That and the
> fact that didn't have to turn on the heat in our office as long as it
> was running.
> I did build gdb on it, though, I believe.  IIRC, the native debugger was
> abysmal.
> Hmm.  Not much of a eulogy.  Hmm.  I remember the noise it made when we
> plugged it into its 220V outlet and the electrician got the phase wrong.
> Good times... good times...
> Anyway, I think a very brief note would be fitting.  I'll do it if a
> symbolic gesture is required.

That sounds like a good eulogy!  Some good points, some humor.  This is
probably the last time the Gould will be written about in GDB, might
as well make it a little more interesting than our usual serious and
objective documentation...


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