RFA: print addresses that are longer than pointers, take two

Jim Blandy jimb@zwingli.cygnus.com
Mon May 1 14:08:00 GMT 2000

> Now consider a mips32 program (in elf32) running on a mips64 target
> (another would be sparc32/sparc64).  ADDRESS_TO_POINTER et.al. would
> handle the translation required by ``void* <=> CORE_ADDR''.  However,
> what about the address information contained in the symtab and debug
> sections. Wouldn't that also need to be converted to a cannonical form?

Those addresses should be in canonical form already, as provided by
BFD.  As I said in the paragraph after the one you quoted:

> Symbol addresses are always byte addresses, so CORE_ADDRs and symbol
> addresses are the same thing.

So, Dwarf 2 info should hold byte addresses, BFD should provide byte
addresses, and so on.

Can you find a specific instance where the wrong thing happens?

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