gdb-5.0/gdb/doc/ patch -- is this patch really correct?

Eli Zaretskii
Fri Jun 30 01:47:00 GMT 2000

> From: Chris Faylor <>
> Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 01:06:35 -0400
> I've just been bitten by this patch and I don't really understand it.
> The .info files that should be installed come from the build directory
> not from the source directory.  I don't see any .info* files in gdb/doc
> at all.

Did you look in the source distribution on, or somewhere
else?  I just looked in the GDB 5.0 distribution as downloaded from
the GNU site, and the Info files are there in gdb/doc directory.

I believe the GNU standards require that source distributions come
with Info files, so that end users won't need to run `makeinfo' to
produce them.

In addition, the *diff.bz2 files for the snapshots include diffs for
the *.info* files as well.  So it seems that you should have had the
Info files in the source directory.  Can you try to understand why you
didn't have them?

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