gdb patch for 64-bit enum values on 64-bit hosts (ia64-linux)

Andrew Cagney
Tue Jun 20 18:01:00 GMT 2000

James Wilson wrote:
>         Um, again, shouldn't this be LONGEST?
> What is LONGEST, what are the rules for its use, and what are the implications
> of trying to use it?

CORE_ADDR is a type that can fit a target address.  On the MIPS it is a
@($&(*#&$ sign extended value :-)
LONGEST is C's equivalent to ``long'' the longest type and can fit a

> I am aware that my patches aren't going to work for cross debuggers from
> 32-bit hosts to 64-bit targets, but right now I'm not worried about that.
> I need to get the native 64-bit debugger working correctly, and I don't have
> time at the moment to worry about the cross debugger case.

If they used LONGEST or CORE_ADDR then they would fix that case. (I'm
not sure if LONGEST or CORE_ADDR is PC - what is the type of (char*)a -

The main implication is that LONGEST and CORE_ADDR can't be printed
using *printf*.  Instead paddr*() and phex*() need to be used.

This is really a question for GDB - Jim and Elena.  Jim, you've
identified where the types are wrong the maintainers need to decide the
best way to correctly fix them.


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