xxgdb settings

Michael Slater mslater@usa.com
Tue Jun 20 01:49:00 GMT 2000

Hello ,

I am not sure is this the right forum to ask for help on the problems on the xxgdb ( front-end for gdb), if not please excuse me.

I took the latest version (xxgdb-1.12)of xxgdb and compiled the same as in the readme file provided in the package .
The package is working fine , but I always see a ^M after the completion of a line .

The FAQ said that the problem could be due to usage of non ANSI include files while compiling using gcc , and asked me to run fixinclude script(of the gcc) on the include files .
     But that didnt solve the problem .

Is anybody using the xxgdb , and facing the same problem .
If anybody knows of a way to overcome it , please let me know .

Thanks in advance 
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