gdb 5.0 with AIX 4.3.3 and g++ 2.95.2

Kevin Buettner
Mon Jun 19 08:34:00 GMT 2000

On Jun 19, 10:03am, Scott J. Pekarek wrote:

> I am sure this is not entirely appropriate but I was asked to post this
> to the gdb bug list - which I hope I have found.

It's quite appropriate.  We appreciate hearing about any bugs that you
find.  (Thanks.)

> At  any rate I found a problem and potential solution to
> a problem with gdb5.0  on AIX 4.3.3.
> gdb seems to give me a
> somewhat reasonable trace on post-mortem
> core dump analysis but if I try to run inside of gdb it ponders a bit
> and I get the following message:
> ptrace ldinfo: Not enough space.
> We where able to get around this problem by changing the following line
> in gdb/rs6000-nat.c and recompiling.
> #define MAX_LOAD_SEGS 64        /* maximum number of load segments */
> to
> #define MAX_LOAD_SEGS 1024      /* maximum number of load segments */

I think that this problem has been fixed by the following change in the
latest development sources...

Fri Apr  7 13:44:38 2000  glen mccready  <>

        * rs6000-nat.c (xcoff_relocate_symtab): Grow buffer if ptrace()
          fails due to lack of space.

BTW, you can download and build the latest development sources.  See for more information.

> Any info on the status of gdb support for multi-threaded applications would
> be appreciated....

Can someone else answer this one?  (Nick?)

Thanks again for your bug report and proposed solution.


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