gdb patch for 64-bit enum values on 64-bit hosts (ia64-linux)

Michael Snyder
Thu Jun 15 14:30:00 GMT 2000

Jim Blandy wrote:
> One question about this patch:
> In dwarf2read.c:read_array_type, I see two ifs that appear to handle
> DW_FORM_udata, DW_FORM_data1, DW_FORM_data2, and DW_FORM_data4, but
> not DW_FORM_data8, apparently assuming that DW_UNSND can't handle the
> latter.  With your change, this is no longer true on platforms with
> 64-bit longs.
> Could you try expanding those `ifs' to recognize DW_FORM_data8 too,
> and see if there are any adverse effects?  It would seem to be a
> natural extension.

Jim (Blandy), one of the two or three changes that you've just made
in dwarf2read.c has broken shared libs on Solaris.

Please try running shlib-call.exp


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