gdb patch for 64-bit enum values on 64-bit hosts (ia64-linux)

Michael Snyder
Wed Jun 14 17:52:00 GMT 2000

Elena Zannoni wrote:
> Jim Wilson writes:
> Jim, any chance you could turn the tests into a gdb testfile? 


I thought I would take a stab at it.  Seemed like it might
belong in exprs.exp.  I noticed that exprs.exp seems kind of
unfinished -- it sets up as if to do some enum tests, but 
doesn't actually do them!  So I added some, including some
for long enums.  See below.  You approve?

Unfortunately I don't have Jim's compiler patch, so I can't
test my tests.  Jim, can you test them for me?

2000-06-14  Michael Snyder  <>

        * gdb.base/exprs.exp: Add tests for enum expressions.
        * gdb.base/exprs.c: Ditto.

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