RFA: bfd/rs6000-core.c 64-bit support

Kevin Buettner kevinb@cygnus.com
Tue Jun 13 12:47:00 GMT 2000

On Jun 13,  1:06pm, Nick Duffek wrote:

> I sent this for approval to binutils, whence I was redirected here on the
> theory that rs6000-core.c is really owned by GDB.
> The appended patch adds 64-bit support to bfd/rs6000-core.c.  In addition,
> it adds support for pre-4.3 core dumps on AIX 4.3+, which can generate
> such dumps with the appropriate SMIT setting.
> It's one of several BFD patches that accompany the AIX mega-patch I
> published here a few days ago.
> Okay to apply?


Have you tried your patch on a machine where CORE_VERSION_1 is still

I am not certain, but it appears to me that you've removed some code
which'll allow rs6000-core.c to build on these older versions of AIX
(pre 4.1?).

E.g, look at the following:

-			      (bfd_size_type) coredata.CORE_DATA_SIZE_FIELD,
+			      (bfd_size_type) core.old.c_u.u_dsize,

As I understand it, CORE_DATA_SIZE_FIELD used to be defined to be
either c_u.U_dsize or c_u.u_dsize depending upon whether CORE_VERSION_1
was defined or not.  Now, it seems that you expect that c_u.u_dsize
will work on the CORE_VERSION_1 boxes.

I notice, however, that you've been careful to handle some of the
other fields with similar issues.  So either the above was an oversight
or else u_dsize really worked on the CORE_VERSION_1 boxes.  In any event,
I'd feel better about the whole patch if you could do a build and make
sure core file support still works on one of the older (pre 4.1) AIX


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