gdb spelling corrections patches

David B Anderson
Thu Jun 8 16:43:00 GMT 2000

|Jim Blandy wrote:
|> We're definately interested in this.  *ahem*
|> David, you haven't signed a copyright agreement, right?  What is the
|> sense of the jury about the copyright status of a change like this?
|> The overall patch will be quite large, but there's no individual
|> change longer than a line or two, and it's hard to argue that it's one
|> coherent work.  I tend to think it's not copyrightable.

I agree that spelling corrections are not copyrightable.
But anyway, I did file, and the following appeared 
on the gdb-patches list, though I did not expect anyone to
notice before I submitted something :-)

26 May 2000:
From: assignments <>
Subject: GDB assigns/disclaims

The following disclaimers and/or assignments concerning GDB
have recently been added to the file copyright.list here at the
Free Software Foundation.  If you have any questions or corrections,
please send them to my general work address,
                                     Brian Youmans
                                     Assignments Clerk

ANY GDB SGI     2000-05-19
Disclaims operating system components and changes to free software
by David B. Anderson, in the past and for the next five years.
(Ross A. Towle)

GDB     SGI     2000-05-19
Disclaims changes to the manuals "Debugging with GDB", "GDB Internals",
and "The 'stabs' Debugging Format".
(Ross Towle)

ANY GDB David B. Anderson       US 1942 2000-05-19
Assigns past and future changes to FSF-owned programs.

So that should take care of any changes/patches I submit to gdb
or any FSF stuff.

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