gdb spelling corrections patches

Stan Shebs
Thu Jun 8 14:01:00 GMT 2000

David B Anderson wrote:
> I only  show a few diffs here, against top-of-trunk gdb.
> (the dependance (correct is dependence) spelling
> confusion appears in a number of files, BTW)
> If these patches are acceptable I will submit others.

Even these are worth 1-line ChangeLog entries:

	* dst.h: Fix spelling.

("grep spelling ChangeLog*" shows a number of similar

> Is there a preference for large batches or small ones?
> That is, is fixing all in one long set of patches
> or fixing just a 'reasonable set' per submission the better
> approach?

For spelling fixes, any size is fine - any maintainer can
check them in, doesn't require a big review process.

> Would folks rather not hear about these spelling mistakes?
> (perhaps this is an old issue)

Spelling fixes are part of achieving quality, so these are
good to have.  For those who think it doesn't matter,
consider that references to "dependance" won't show up
if you're grepping the sources for references to "dependence".


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