PE patches available

Mumit Khan
Mon Apr 12 13:40:00 GMT 1999

Hi Donn,

Ran into a few nits when building for Cygwin --

1. you mention that you've *put back* the .bss handling, but it's missing
 from the post-patched ld/scripttempl/ I just put it in my hand.

2. bfd/ needs peigen.lo as target. Trivial obviously. 

3. the $ENTRY in expands to __mainCRTStartup, but Cygwin provides
  _mainCRTStartup. Trivial to fix/make consistent of course.

The final executable doesn't work yet, but that I did expect. I'll do
some digging to see why it's not loading correctly (under Cygwin or
Mingw which uses MS runtime).

btw, I always thought that the Makefiles were setup to do the `make
headers' automatically in bfd. Guess not.


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