PE patches available

Donn Terry
Thu Apr 8 12:16:00 GMT 1999

Everyone, but DJ and Ian in particular:

I have made available for
anonymous FTP access, with the intent that it be applied to the
current greater binutils.  (No, you don't want it in the mailing list!)

It is a tarball containing a coherent set of patches which have two

1) Add Interix support.
2) Significantly improves the overall support of the MS PE/PEI format
   (a COFF variant).

The effects of the former are obvious.

The effects of the latter include:
  - support for LIB.EXE-generated DLL libraries (and in general
    compatability with all DLL libraries).
  - support for COMDAT (although more support may be needed),
  - a plethora of "little" fixes for various "issues" w.r.t. PE/PEI format,
  - a rearrangement of the bfd sources so that fewer copies of the PE/PEI
    functions are needed.  (Moving things from coffcode.h, coffswap.h as
    makes sense.)
  - nearly complete pass of all ld, gas, and binutils regressions.
    (And more queued up for later.)  (Details with the individual patches.)
  - some POSIX-ification of binutils commands.
  - Complete support of intermixed MSVC and gcc-generated objects.
    (Given the right gdb, there is even limited (line numbers only)
    support for debugging with MSVC-generated (but ld-linked) object files.)
  - Improvements to the testsuites.

I'm not set up to test this on Cygwin, which is the platform most
likely to be affected by these changes (other than Interix, of course).
It is possible that I broke something.  Thus, I'd ask for testing
of these changes by those interested.

The patches are all applied with patch -p 5 except toplevel, which is
applied with -p 1.  (It's identical to a patch applied to egcs.
That's generally true of libiberty, as well.)

Each patch file contains detailed comments and a ChangeLog entry.
The naming convention should be obvious.  The leading numbers
in the filenames are for my housekeeping and can be ignored (and
in general will be sparse).  In some cases, it was easier (for
various reasons) to generate more than one patch file for the same
directory; each has its own comments and ChangeLog; all should be
applied.  In all cases, the 40.* file is a patch for the testsuite.
I have tested the patches against the 0404 tarball.  A few line
numbers are off slightly, but all patches apply correctly.

Coming attractions:

With this set of patches applied, it becomes possible to put together
another (fairly large) patch that brings the 32-bit (NT) Alpha up to
the same level.

I also have withheld for the moment some additional patches that are
not central to the basic goal of complete PE support.  I'll submit
those as followups after this batch has stabilized.

Ian: yes, I recognize that this is a BIG chunk to chew at once.  I've
trimmed it quite significantly already.  Please be kind in your
requests to break it up further.  A lot of these patches interact, and
breaking them up and still keeping a working set of tools will be very
difficult.  If there are specific patches that you really need separated
I can do that, but I'd request that you make as few such requests
as possible, in part because that will delay getting on to the "good stuff"
that's queued up behind this.

Known compatability (possible) issues:

1)  PE is more sensitive to section flag (Characteristics) bits than the
    current gnu tools (which look at the section name).  I've reworked
    both gas and bfd (the ld part) to make it generate and honor the
    bits.  There may (or may not) be a compatability problem with existing
    Cygwin binaries.  (There should not be any compatability issues w.r.t.
    existing MSVC binaries.)  In testing, look particularly for that
    (it may reach out an bite you, and it may be subtle, and it may not
    be a problem at all).  If it is a problem, I'll fix it, but I'll
    need details (and probably a sample file).

2)  The meaning of COFF (not stabs) line numbers is subtly different on
    PE than "pure" COFF; this also affects the .bf, .ef, and .lf pseudo-
    symbols.  My understanding is that I'm the only one who cares about
    such things in the PE world, and my intent was that regular COFF is

3)  bfd/04.constructors discusses some interactions between constructors/
    destructors and ld -r that should be checked in the Cygwin context.

4)  As discussed earlier on this list, theres an issue with MOE and related
    COFF debug symbols.  At the moment, that's left unchanged.


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