PATCH: pa2.0 float instructions

Jerry Quinn
Tue Apr 6 10:42:00 GMT 1999

Hi, all.  The attached patch is against the 990329 gas snapshot.  It
does two things - reorganize the codes for hppa fp registers in opcodes,
and add new pa2.0 floating point instructions.

Since the pa port is running short on letters to use for opcode fields
in include/hppa.h, I took all the fp register codes and gave them a 'f'
prefix.  The existing 'f' code now uses 'v' instead.  This frees up a
bunch of codes for other uses if they are needed, and the fp reg codes
are a bit easier to read.  I did because Jeff Law was trying to convince
me to reuse existing codes if I could instead of grabbing new ones
because of scarcity.

The other change is to add fmpyfadd, fmpynfadd, fneg, and fnegabs pa2.0
opcodes to gas.

I have already bootstrapped the latest egcs snapshots with these changes
in place and can successfully generate code using the new instructions.

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